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Exterior Painting

House Painters Vancouver is one of the best possible exterior painting companies you will ever find. Our well-trained and well-equipped team will be more than happy to help you paint your house with the style and color of your dreams.

Plus, we offer other services – don’t hesitate to ask us about anything else we can help you with. We’d be more than happy to help you out!

Frequently Asked Questions

Generally, you should paint or recoat your home exterior every five to ten years. But here are some additional things to keep in mind about painting or recoating your home’s exterior.

  • You have faded paint, especially if it’s on the shaded part of the house. That could mean you have more underlying issues. So not only should you get a new paint job, you should have that part of the house checked.
  • You have paint patches that are cracked, bubbling, or flaking. These signs may mean you have cracked or rotting wood. Get a carpenter to fix this first before you get a paint job.
  • If your sealants around windows or doors are showing signs of wear and tear, that’s another sign you should get a professional painter to redo them, aside from painting. 
  • If your curb appeal is going down, then it’s time to get a new paint job to make your house feel more appealing and welcoming.
  • If you have a new house, it’s best to have it painted right away. Not only can you decide on the colors you want, but it will also serve as additional protection since most contractors just put one coat of paint over your house.
  • Even if there are no signs of peeling or chipping paint, it won’t be bad to have a paint job done already. Aside from reinforcing the protection, you’ll also spend less money on prepping.

If you have an old home, one that has been constructed before 1980, it is best to assume that lead-based paint was used. Of course, the best way to find out if you do have lead paint is to hire a certified professional lead-based paint inspector. They will have the expertise and tools to determine which parts of your house have lead paint.
Here are the things that we do to prepare your house for exterior painting:

  • First, we use a pressure washer to remove dirt and dust buildup from your walls.
  • We then take note of surfaces that need repairs, such as wood, masonry, or metal, then make the necessary repairs.
  • We also look for loose paint and use our scrapers to completely remove them.
  • Using caulk guns, we fill in any gaps between the house and around doors and windows.
  • We then start priming the surfaces.
  • We’ll also protect anything that may come into contact with paint, such as doorknobs, lights, and windows.

After that, the painting procedure starts.

We generally use the following materials:

  • Exterior eggshell paints
  • Exterior semigloss paints
  • Pressure washers
  • Paint sprayers
  • Various paintbrushes
  • Painter’s tape
  • Drop cloths
  • Ladders
  • Paint scrapers
  • Stain-blocking primers
  • Epoxy fillers
  • Sanding blocks
  • Spackle knives
  • Exterior caulks
  • Caulk guns
  • Plastic sheeting

We might use more or bring more equipment but these are what we constantly have with us when we need to do an exterior paint job.

While there are many sheens to choose from, our best recommendation is the eggshell finish. It’s not dull like matte, nor is it too shiny like high gloss. It will give your house a pleasant appearance and will even look good on a variety of surfaces.