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Interior Painting

If you need interior painting, House Painters Vancouver is more than able to assist you. Our team of highly trained professionals would be more than happy to help you achieve the specific color or style you want for your interiors. Whether you’re starting from scratch with a new color or want to switch up your current style, we’ll make your vision come to life!

Feel free to ask us for more specific painting concerns, too!

Frequently Asked Questions

It depends on you.

On one hand, if you’re the type who likes to watch over things as we paint your house, you should probably stay while we do our job. You can even ask our team questions as we go about painting. We’d be more than happy to answer them. 

This train of thought is completely understandable especially if you have valuable things in your house that you’re not comfortable leaving in strangers’ hands.

Of course, you might get impatient depending on the job you hired us for. As much as we want to make things fast as possible, we’re professional painters. That means we make doubly sure of our work quality, and that means we might take a while.

On the other hand, if you do decide to leave the home while we do our job, rest assured that we are a reputable painting company known for our professionalism and honesty. That means we will leave your home in the exact condition it started out in – just with a finished professional paint job. Enjoy your day and come back with a much better-looking house without getting stressed!

You can always ask us for recommendations, but here are some tips for selecting your interior paint colors:

  • When choosing a color scheme, pick one that will match your home’s furniture. It’s more aesthetically pleasing and won’t hurt your eyes when you take a look at the rooms. If you pick a clashing color, you might end up buying new furniture or having a new paint job altogether.
  • Remember that colors communicate different moods. Therefore, choose a color on how a room is used and the mood you want to establish. For example, choose warm colors like red or yellow for rooms that are used for social gatherings, and use cooler colors like blue or violet for private rooms.
  • If you’re going to go for white, do know that white does not come in the same tone or shade. There are pure whites that really make for a neutral feel; warm whites that make large spaces feel cozier; and cool whites that help make spaces bigger. Go for a white that fits your purpose.

It depends on your personality and what you envision for your house, but if you’ll ask us, you definitely should! Colors can communicate different moods, add accents, and so on. Let us know if you want to try a color for a room, and let’s see what we can do for you to visualize how the overall look will be.
There are different kinds of paint sheen: high gloss, semi-gloss, satin, eggshell, and matte. What should you choose?

Well, here’s something to keep in mind when choosing paint sheens. The higher the sheen, the more shine. And the more shine there is, the more durable it is.

Do also take note that the higher the sheen, the more defects will show.

This is why here are our recommendations for sheen for each room:

  • For kitchens, we suggest high gloss or semi-gloss. Kitchens frequently get used, so you’re going to need more durability when it comes to the paint sheen. The sheen is also the easiest to clean – a common concern with kitchens, agree?
  • For family rooms, it’s also frequently used, but it doesn’t have to deal with as much dirt as kitchens. You can use a satin finish.
  • Dining rooms and living rooms aren’t used as much as the first two rooms, so you can get away with the eggshell finish. It’s not as shiny and can give the impression of clean rooms. 
  • For bedrooms, we suggest a matte finish to hide any imperfections and help you relax when you sleep at night.

One last thing to remember is that adding paint sheen will add to the cost of the paint job. Check to make sure the sheen is still within your budget before proceeding.

Here’s how to prepare your room for interior painting:

  • As much as possible, clear the room so that our painters have space to move around. Move furniture and other items to storage rooms, garages, or simply to other rooms. For those that are hard to move or cannot be moved, cover them with a cloth to avoid any accidents with paint.
  • After that, clean the room as much as you can. Remove dust, dirt, and grime. Sweep, vacuum, and even wipe surfaces with soap and water.
  • Try setting up a “workstation” for our painters. It should be a spot in or outside the room where you feel like we won’t be blocking foot traffic and where we can put our equipment. Put a trash can there where we can dispose of anything we need to throw away to keep your house clean.

After that, you’re ready to let us in to start painting!