Pet-Proofing Your Home Before Interior Painting Service in Vancouver, WA


If you are a proud pet owner, you know that your furry friend is part of your family. You love them unconditionally and would do everything in your power to keep them safe and happy. That’s why when you decide to paint your home’s interior, you need to take some extra precautions to pet-proof your home. Failing to do so can lead to disastrous consequences that could harm your pets and damage your newly painted walls. In this blog post, we’ll explore some essential tips and tricks to help you pet-proof your home before an interior painting service in Vancouver, WA.

Protecting Your Newly Painted Interiors

1. Find a pet-friendly painting service: Before scheduling an interior painting service, make sure to find a painting company that uses pet-friendly products and practices. A reputable painting service knows how to keep your pets safe while working in your home. Look for a painting contractor in Vancouver, WA, that uses eco-friendly, low-toxicity paint products. Your pets will be better off with fewer harmful chemicals in the air.

2. Separate your pets during the painting process: If possible, keep your pets in a separate room or outside of your home during the painting process. Paint fumes can be harmful to pets, especially birds, rabbits, and hamsters. Ensure they have plenty of food, water, and bedding in a safe and enclosed space while the painting work is underway.

3. Cover your furniture, floors, and carpets: Painting can be messy, with spills, splatters, and drips. Protect your furniture and flooring from accidental paint droplets by covering them with plastic sheets or drop cloths. Make sure to cover your pet’s bed and toys too, so they do not accidentally ingest any paint flakes or debris while playing or napping.

4. Proper ventilation: Proper airflow is essential when you’re painting indoors. Make sure the painting service you hire opens windows and doors for proper ventilation while applying the paint. It’s important to keep pets away from the open windows and doors during the painting process. The fresh air will help prevent paint fumes from settling in your home, especially in poorly ventilated areas.

5. Keep your pets away from freshly painted walls: Freshly painted walls are still tacky and can attract pets, who may accidentally brush against them and ruin your new paint job. Keep your pets away from painted walls for a few days or until the paint has completely dried. Don’t allow them to scratch or chew on the walls, as it can leave marks or even damage the texture of your walls.

Taking Special Care of Your Pets During Home Improvement Projects

Pets are an essential part of our lives, and we need to take special care of them during home improvement projects. By following these five essential pet-proofing precautions, you’ll keep your pets safe and happy during the interior painting process in Vancouver, WA. Remember to always consult a professional painting service that uses eco-friendly and pet-friendly products and techniques. Your newly painted home will look amazing, and your furry friends will thank you for taking care of them like family!