Warning Signs Of A Bad Interior And Exterior Paint Job in Vancouver, WA


The Vancouver, WA area has an abundance of commercial painting companies, meaning homeowners and business owners have plenty of options to choose from. But while the selection is plentiful, it also means potential customers must be aware of warning signs that indicate a bad paint job. These may include uneven coverage, bubbling or peeling paint, chipped or cracked surfaces, and fading colors.

When choosing a commercial painter in Vancouver, WA for interior and exterior painting jobs, make sure to check for certifications and experience. Unqualified painters can often leave behind poor quality work that won’t last.

Uneven coverage can be especially problematic with exterior painting jobs due to the elements in Vancouver. Unevenly applied paint can lead to trapping moisture inside the home or building and cause long-term damage such as peeling paint or rot. If you notice any areas with lumpy or streaky coats of paint on your walls or other surfaces, you should consider finding another painter who is more experienced in providing quality results.

Additionally, look out for bubbling or peeling paint on both interior and exterior surfaces; this is usually caused by either inadequate preparation before painting (such as not priming correctly) or an incorrect choice of paints/applications (such as using oil-based paints over latex). If the paint job is several years old and starting to look dull or faded, that’s a sign that it may need to be recoated or replaced entirely.

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